Friday, July 23, 2010


I was looking up my local area on Wikipedia (what?) and I went to a close-by town's page. There I found my self looking at the small section for sports. AAHHHHHH! I found out about a new league opening in the Northeast. Great Oden's Raven that's amazing. I've wanted local pro hockey since the Utica Fags (Devils) and the Mohawk Valley Prowlers (really? thats the name you want out-of-towners to know about the area? our perv problem. I wasn't really aware of it.) shut down. Here's the link to the home page of the Federal Hockey League. I'm so damn excited. I'll be at some Rome Frenzy games signing autographs for my fans so don't be afraid to approach me. BTW, why "Frenzy"? Is this pro soccer? or maybe women's basketball?