About This Blog/Blogger

Philly Phan In New York is a blog to let Flyers fans, or phans, know about recent news that deals with their favorite team and other teams around the NHL. I post not only about league news, but also hockey cards. I give pack/box breaks, set breakdowns, and whatever else I feel like writing.

I will make strange posts time to time, such as the official Philly Phans T-Shirts (made with the help of CustomInk). Other weird stuff like doctored pictures can also be found on this blog. I get bored a lot, so you will see a lot of Painted pictures.

Now onto me.
Hockey cards are my favorite thing in the world. Opening packs of cards has been a thing of wonder to me since I was a child. I discovered hockey in 2004 and have loved the Flyers since 2005.

I love Rock, in all of its forms-Rock, Modern Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Grunge, Alternative. Even sub-genres like Southern, Punk, Progressive, or Blues Rock.

I have decided to share my infinite knowledge of hockey with the world.

If you have a question of my knowledge or just want to let me know what you think of Philly Phan, get me at forsbergroypronger33@yahoo.com.

-Go Flyers