Friday, August 20, 2010


Remembering my trip to Philly and seeing my most exciting hockey game, I was looking at some pictures from the game when I stumbled across this...

Yikes! A new Flyer was given the finger by a rude Ranger-Hater. Okay, it was me, and I'm still not thrilled about Shelley or the fact that he is replacing Cote. That's right our Devil-Fighting monster of a player has retired to be an Assistant Coach for the Phantoms. You will be missed.

While on the subject of our ever-changing roster, Gagne going to the Lightning is a major disapointment. I was so pissed when Downie had been traded and I knew how good he could be. Now Gagne for... Who? You're kidding right? Matt freakin' Walker! What the hell? Oh, and a fourth round pick, damn it. Well with Holmgren's clever moving of players, it will probably be our highest pick in three years. Gagne, you will be missed.

sigh. On a brighter note, we have an excellent 20 goals from newcomer Zherdev and a few from Andrej Meszaros. Also, with the opening on the powerplay hopefully Giroux will get a few more minutes of playing time to pick up more than 16 goals this season. Van Riemsdyk and Leino will make up for Gagne's goals, but Wojtek Wolski is still on the market along with Stempniak and O'Sullivan, so I'm hoping that something might happen there. So good night and good luck. (What?)

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