Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Winter Classic

Seriously. You have to be kidding me. Again? What the hell. Gary Bettman should be put 6-feet under for his unconditional love for Malkin and the fags. Why must he keep doing this to us Philly Phans. pittsburgh (that's right, my hate for the team makes me un-capitalize a proper name and the first word in a sentence) should not be in the Winter Classic for at least ten years. Here are some scenarios that would be better than the gay team being in it again.

New York vs. New York
Toronto vs. Ottawa
St. Louis vs. Nashville
New Jersey vs. New York Rangers
Colorado vs. Minnesota (why not bring it further out west)
Washington vs. anyone who has not been in it yet

My choice is emboldened, put the Winter Classic in the state of hockey. I think that would be an awesome idea. You know what else would be an awesome idea break 87's leg and make Ken Holland trade Modano to Minnesota where he belongs.

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