Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Guardian Project

The NHL has sold out, yes. But this is just a weird idea, as is the Fantasy Draft (which I'm still not sure what it is). But, as a Flyers blogger I feel obligated to link this video. The 'Penguin' and the 'Blackhawk' are neither a penguin nor a blackhawk. The King looks like a solid character, but the hair on the 'Hurricane' is just... The 'Flame' could be cool and so could the 'Thrasher'. The 'Duck' I'm sure is going to be lame and so is the 'Maple Leaf'. The 'Devil' could actually be kinda cool. While the 'Islander' and 'Ranger' will be the worst superheroes since She-Hulk and the Funky Flashman. The 'Flyer' looks funny, yet badass. So, I don't even know anymore.

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  1. You mean The Duck is going to be...a lame duck?


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