Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hey Quebec, You Can Calm Down

Seriously. The police. This has gotten out of hand.

Did Chara avoid suspension because he plays with Colin Campbell's son?
Here's your answer. Shut the hell up. Maybe Greg Campbell could avoid suspension, but a teammate? That's freakin' farfetched.

I think the Prime Minister should stop watching hockey games and start running a country.

Pacioretty said he was "disappointed" the league didn't suspend Chara, but he doesn't think legal action is neccesary.

Air Canada? "Oh no, we have to rename our rink. It's so bad because nobody would sponsor the Maple Leafs, in Canada." Yeah right.

Yes, I do think it is a shame that Pacioretty was injured that badly. Nobody wants to see that. But c'mon, let's think about this. Chara isn't that bad a guy. Even Ryan Smyth, who was hit into the stanchion himself, says that isn't suspension worthy.

And I'm absolutely disgusted by some of the anti-Canadian, anti-American, and anti-Bruin comments on Youtube. Go quick, because comments are flowing in every 4 seconds.


  1. I agree with your views. I can’t believe Chara’s hit is under investigation by Montreal police! It happened at a strange spot on the rink, and that’s why Pacioretty was badly injured. Maybe the police should be involved whenever two players fight on the ice! I hope Chara isn’t criminally charged since it will result in all physical contact in hockey (and other sports) being scrutinized.

  2. You bring up a good point with the physical aspect being in jeopardy. I like watching old footage of Bill Barber and other 70's stars being hit face first into the boards and the refs, coaches, and even the players don't say diddly. Now the Prime Minister is involved. Times done changed.


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