Friday, March 11, 2011

More on Chara

“I sincerely appreciate all of the support that I have received since my injury. I was disappointed that the NHL did not suspend Zdeno Chara. However, I have no desire for him to be prosecuted legally. I feel that the incident, as ugly as it was, was part of a hockey game."

-Max Pacioretty

Now here are a few replies to the Puck Daddy article on the subject.

KICKER says, "New England sports teams = CHEATERS first Patriots and now the Bruins what next the Red Sox CMON MAN quit cheating in New England."

Probably a bitter sports fan from NYC. I'm thinkin' the Giants lost to the Pats and the Rangers/Islanders lost to Boston. Let's not be territorial now.

Topher3134 says, "Yet another reason that the rest of the world hates french canadians!!! Put them all on a boat and ship them to france and get them out of our hemisphere! I hate you french canadians!!!"

Douchebag. Let's focus on the hit which involved a Slovak and an American. This quote seriously pisses me off.

David says, "I suppose the Montreal Police and Louis Dionne are will want a uniformed officer on skates during the games. The police need to take care of street crime and let the players play hockey. Don't get confused."

Other than the grammer, I totally agree with David.

A Yahoo! User says, "Air Canada=on a good day maybe 2 planes that work!"

Gary Bettman, in reply to Air Canada's threat, said that if they revoked their sponsorship, he would stop all teams from boarding Air Canada planes to travel. Oh Gary.

Brian W (76ers fan) says, "This has gone too far, it's not Chara's fault that Pacioretty hit his head in an unfortunate area of the ice. It just happened to be where the glass was sticking out. Quebec has nothing better to do."

Despite how right or wrong these people get, it apparently has nothing to do with hockey anymore. It's just Americans, Canadians, and Québécois fighting through hockey like children. Stop posting your racist comments on Youtube and Puck Daddy and whatever other websites you visit just so you can feel cool by saying 'frog' or 'f***in' cheating New England'. It's time to grow up.

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