Friday, April 16, 2010

East Predictions

As with every year I will predict the playoffs as they go round by round. This year I will share it with the world (or the one person (you) who stumbled across this blog).
How can I not start with the first and eigth seed. Watch me.
#2-New Jersey (gay) vs. #7 Philadelphia
I would have to go with the Philadelphia Flyers, the fan factor is a small fraction of why I chose them. The Flyers won the season series 5-1 and have a good history against the devils (the Flyers also beat the devils in 2004 with Rob Esche backstopping them to the Eastern Conference Finals).

#1-Washington vs. #8-Montreal
How can any person, even a Canadiens fan, believe the Habs can defeat the firepower of the mighty Capitals. The only way Montreal can win is if Jaroslav Halak turns out to be the next Patrick Roy or Tony Esposito. Ovechkin, Semin, Green, Knuble (former Flyer!), Laich, Backstrom and others are amazing offensivly and defensivly.

#3-Buffalo (gay) vs. #6-Boston
I can't really make an honest prediction on this one. I try as hard as I can to stay away from the Buffalo games on MSG, unless they are playing the Flyers. Whomever wins two games first will take the series (good odds, eh?).

#4-pittsburgh (I hate these pieces of s*** with a passion) vs. #5-Ottawa
Now, I think we all know that I hate the penguins especially the a-hole who will remain nameless (number 78 backwards). Ottawa doesn't have much of a chance with this one. That said, I pick the Sens (so much for being a professional, huh?).

So there ya have it, my East predictions for the first round. By the way, I HATE MY COMPUTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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