Thursday, April 29, 2010

East/West Predictions, Part 2

wow. Montreal. disappointment. I was in awe of how terrible Washington played. Anyway, on to the predictions.

#6-Boston vs. #7-Philadelphia
Obviously Philly is gonna win and advance to play the ...

#5-pittsburgh vs. #8-Montreal
Montreal (not just because I hate the other team), Halak is playing so fantastic, he alone beat the highest scoring team in the league.

#1-San Jose vs. #5-Detroit
Detroit is so experienced and San Jose isn't getting much from anyone but Pavelski.

#2-Chicago vs. #3-Vancouver
tough one. Chicago won last year because of a hall of shame choke by Roberto Luongo. But the Sedins have really stepped it up since. I pick Vancouver in 7

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