Saturday, April 17, 2010

West Predictions

I've made my East predictions, now for the west.
#1-San Jose vs. #8 Colorado
San Jose; San Jose has had some play-off disappointment in the past, but with the addition of Dany Heatley (who helped lead Ottawa to the 2007 finals) their chances are better. Plus, Colorado is led by rookies like Matt Duchene and goalie (with no NHL play-off experience) Craig Anderson.

#2-Chicago vs. #7-Nashville
Now here is an easy pick. Nashville will probably not even get a win. The Blackhawks have Kane, Toews, Seabrook, and Niemi, who all (except the latter) helped Chicago to the conference finals last year. I really think Nashville doesn't have a chance in hell.

#3-Vancouver vs. #6-Los Angeles
Vancouver has a good chance at this one, as long as Luongo comes up big against Kopitar and Smyth. Jonathon Quick is one of many rookie goaltenders this season who has a starting job but with Daniel and Henrik Sedin on the ice for 23 minutes a game he needs to make a couple big saves. So my verdict: Vancouver.

#4-Phoenix vs. #5-Detroit
Phoenix is gonna need some huge goals from Doan and Wolski to take a few games in this series. Detroit's experience will win this series in six games. Uh-Oh! a number prediction. Zetterberg (my guess for Detroit's next captain after the great Lidstrom retires) will lead the team with Datsyuk.

So there are all of my predictions for the first round (pretty great, eh?).

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