Friday, September 10, 2010

AHL Cards

I've been to a couple AHL games, mostly Amerks when they were Buffalo's farm team. In 2004, I got a team set of the Americans, I have always liked the cards. The 2003-04 Choice set consists of:
#01-Doug Houda, Assistant Coach who retired the year before and took an immediate job
#02-Tom Askey, goalie who has not played in NHL in over 10 years
#03-Milan Bartovic, I remember him, he played a little with Buffalo and Chicago
#04-Jason Botterill, I know a guy who looks just like him
#05-Brian Chapman, drafted by Whalers in 86 (never played a minute in the NHL)
#06-David Cullen, unknown defenseman
#07-Randy Cunneyworth, former NHLer of 16 seasons
#08-Pete Gardiner, ECHLer who signed PTO
#09-Paul Gaustad, finally, an actual NHLer, been with the Sabres since the lockout
#10-Doug Janik, has been up with Dallas, Montreal, and Tampa in recent years
#11-Ryan Jorde, another wasted draft pick
#12-Steve Lingren, probably in Europe
#13-Sean McMorrow, I was on the British League's site and that's where this guy is
#14-Ryan Miller, won Vezina this year
#15-Jason Dawe, played with Buffalo in the 90s but found his way to the AHL
#16-Norm Milley, skilled player... in the AHL
#17-Karel Mosovsky, Buffalo played him for a couple games in '07 or some year
#18-Rick Mrozik, I don't know what to say here, played a little for Calgary
#19-Jiri Novotny, no wait... Buffalo played this guy in '07... I think, also with Columbus in recent years
#20-Nathan Paetsch, in Buffalo now
#21-Geoff Peters, Awwwwww Yeah! I don't know, cool name (instead of Jeff (snore))
#22-Domenic Pittis, played just under 100 NHL games
#23-Jason Pominville, another Sabres 'star'
#24-Scott Ricci, not even an AHLer!
#25-Derek Roy, Buffalo's starting center
#26-Derek Roy, What!?! strange, looks like a parrallel, different picture though
#27-Michael Ryan, with Carolina, awesome picture, love the blood
#28-The Moose, each AHL set I got came with a card of the Mascot
#29-Chris Thorburn, Atlanta enforcer along with former Sabre Eric Boultan who once gave me a towel after a charity game
And the 30th card is an unnumbered checklist
A good looking set, but the second Roy confuses me. He's not even wearing a red jersey to correspond with the border (like the 2005-06 Victory set with Luongo's blue or Columbus' different backgrounds). It's a head-scratcher. The whole set might be worth something to a buffalo fan. The Miller, Pominville, Roy, and... Roy might be worth two bucks to an idiot, I don't know maybe they're worth a lot ($3.00!) to someone. Some idiot is selling the set for 12 bucks on eBay, idiot.

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