Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why do you keep doing this!

So apparently, facing the ultimate do-or-die situation didn't do it for the Flyers.
Taken seconds after Giroux scored the winning goal

Facing the end of their season Claude Giroux helped the Flyers over the Rangers. That started a great playoff run the Flyers haven't seen in 13 years. Ohhhh, so they keep going to shootout so they have a rockin' season. That doesn't cut it for me. We're gonna need better goalies if we're gonna keep going into sudden death. Leighton and Boucher are okay and each had a superlative playoff, but Boucher has had problems in the past and Mike has never played more than 34 games in a season. His career save% is too low and his career GAA is too high.
I don't want to disrespect my goalies, but hopefully we don't have to see another season closer like last season.
Here are some other pictures from that historic day.
US born Van Riemsdyk

Laperriere bouts with Voros

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