Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Let's Talk Rookies. Again.

Bobby Sanguinetti
- Became #1 when Boychuk was put down again.
Sanguinetti, or as I call him, Sanguitini

Kyle Beach
- 52 goals, 86 points in 68 games with Spokane. 7 playoff goals in 7 WHL games, while 3 playoff goals in 4 AHL games.

Colby Cohen
- I'm bitter because USA World Juniors star Shattenkirk has been sent to the AHL.
Cohen with the hardware that you get when you go to college in Massachusetts.

Nikita Filatov
- 21 games. Is he still considered a rookie?
Filatov is gonna get big. Ability-wise.

Philip Larsen
- Danish D-man. that's it.
Danish D-man would make a nice nickname. Maybe not.

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