Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Get High on Paint

Microsoft Paint, that is. Who else has too much time on their hands (Foreigner)? I know I do. That's why, in association with EA Sports and the CHL (not really), I present the first video game in the CHL Series.
CHL 11, the game includes the WHL, QMJHL, and (my personal favorite) OHL. Pictured on the front is future Flyer, 3rd leading OHL scorer-behind (#1 and #2 picks in 2010 draft) Hall and Seguin, and current Bellville Bull, Luke Pither. You can move through the season of your league, play in the All-Star Game, win the league championship, and move on to face three other teams in the Mastercard Memorial Cup for total junior hockey supremacy. I know what your thinking, the NHL has more leagues and international teams, Mr. Ruben, what about your game. Good thinking Lenny; That is why I have included:
Create A Player-put yourself in the game
Create A Team-make a team with all of your favorite young guns, also has vintage and defunct team logos
World Juniors Mode-not just can you play a quick game with the teams, you can play in the World Juniors-one of the greatest displays of hockey skills you will ever see (Olympics my butt)

Pretty awesome, huh?

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