Monday, September 6, 2010

2008-09 Legends Masterpieces Pack Break

I have broken a few packs in the past, here they both are. I recently purchased two packs, and here they are.

Pack 1:

#63-Steve Shutt

A great player and scorer who is a Hockey (NHL) Hall of Famer

#20-Wayne Gretzky

The greatest of all-time, traded to Los Angeles. couldn't bring them a Cup, just a finals appearance, LA's only Cup final ever.

#23-Mike Bossy

Don't like him or any other Islander from their inagural season until 1995.

#65-Manon Rheaume

She played in two preseason games for Tampa as a publicity stunt.

I didn't own one of those cards, good pack if it weren't for Bossy.

Pack 2:

#27-Bobby Hull

"The Golden Jet" was signed by the Jets to a whopping $1 million contract... Good for him (it was a record at the time. Boy have times changed)

#17-Wayne Gretzky

A different Gretzky, something I talked about here and fixed here.

#72-Eddie Shack

I believe they called him "The Entertainer", Eddie was the man that clinched the '63 Cup for the Leafs.

#82-Bobby Orr

Amazing defenseman who paved the way for offensive defenseman such as Ray Bourque, Paul Coffey, and Niklas Lidstrom

I already have the latter two, but another winner with Hull in the WHA and Gretzky.

My first pack break:
Pack 1----------4.5 Stars
Pack 2----------4 Stars

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  1. Bossy, 10 years in the league, 9 of which he was over 50 goals (one 83 goal year!) and you don't like him? Snipers like him don't exist anymore.


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