Sunday, October 3, 2010

This reminds me...

All of the trades I've been making lately have reminded of the ultimate trade. This trade got my collection off to a huge start. A few years back I had but a few hundred cards, made a couple trades with my brother and sister (mainly for Flyers). One day I went to my friend Dave's house and he offered me a deal that would've been just plain stupid not to take. I had two autographed Dom Hasek cards, "The Dominator" is Dave's favorite player, and he wanted them so bad. Me, being the awesome person I am, said I would trade the 2003-04 Honor Roll to him. Dave, without even seeing what my deal was said "I'll give you this whole box." I was baffled. He gave me a box full of cards from 1989-2004 and I felt weird taking all of those cards for one 'graph. He said that he didn't care and just wanted the sig. Over 500 cards were in that box and that was the day I became a true collector. Thanks Dave, thank you for your generosity. I can't look through my cards without thinking about that wonderful night.

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