Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Element has been discovered!

Scientists in Utica searching for evidence of dinosaurs and bigfoot have discovered a new element for the periodic table. Most people wouldn't find this that interesting, but, the element was found on my property! I was having my scientist friends, Alan, Ellie, and Ian over for some tea and they, being the paleontologists they are, decided to go for a dig. When Alan found a couple bones I was less than impressed. But Ellie, the paleobotanist of the trio, found that the soil was of nothing she had seen before. A few (26.5) feet down into my yard, there was this strange material, a sand of which nobody knew. A few glances were passed and it was tested for anything. It was composed of an element no man had seen before. They, being generous, said "You name it, it was in your backyard." I insisted they name it, I mean having discovered it it would only be fair. I did end up naming it. Putting my blog on the map, Phillyphanium was published. I do love a good story, afterward Ian was killed in an awful accident when he was on vacation in Costa Rica. It was in the news. That was a good tale, a classic if you will. They said they wanted to make a movie of it. I said, "If so, get me George Lucas."

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