Thursday, October 7, 2010

Season Starts Tonight!

Laviolette decided to go with Bobrovsky, you know Bobrovsky-from... Russia. He did have a great pre-season. The Flyers as a whole had a terrific pre-season, they had the second best record (next to the undefeated Flames) in the NHL. Another question is, with the absence of Pronger, who will take that final d-spot, Walker or Bartulis? I do want the Latvian D-Man to take the cake on this one. Walker could add an extra bit of rough and toughness, but the Flyers have enough of the toughness eminating from their line-up. I guess I'm still bitter because of the Gagne trade, you know the one where we got jack-squat. Lappy is out and was told to retire due to his PCS. But I'm pumped for the game against the... why? Why must we start against (and in) pittsburgh. I've had enough of the whole pittsburgh thing (as stated in this article that I am not done posting about). Hopefully the Flyers win with a ton of goals, that would be a good present for my fantasy team, the Philly Phanatics.
Good luck Flyers!
(by the way, who saw Atlanta's pre-season performance, hahaha.)

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