Thursday, October 14, 2010

Okay, So I'm A Little Pissed.

Not only does Philly's power play stink, but Laviolette went with Boucher. Again. Lavvy, I'm speechless.
Who else thinks Simon Gagne looks bad in blue. It just aint right.
Not only this, but I learned Tom Scholz is making a new album under the name Boston. Are you kidding me, Brad Delp (rest in peace) is deceased and you can't change the name. I mean Tom is the only original member left. Not only THAT, but there is a WOMAN in the damn band. AAAAAHHHHHH!!! Tom, I hope you don't think this album is going platinum, or gold for that matter.

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  1. Holy sh--...Gary Bussey could TOTALY play P-Lav in a Flyers movie!


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