Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Thought Kerry Fraser Retired

Oh, he did you say. Well then who was that reffing the Flyers last night? Oh, none other than Chris "Kerry Jr." Lee. 41, PIM that is. 21 for Hartnell. That game was bogus. If we could've had 5 guys on the ice for more than half the game, we could've won. Maybe if our power play was better or even passable as a pro power play we might have scored more than one goal. Why Boucher? Bobrovsky is awesome, and I think Boucher can take not playing in two games, he's a big boy, and he backed up Nabokov before. For those who don't like Pronger, he had 26 power play points last season which was second on the team. How about Stepan's hat trick for the Rangers? pittsburgh lost again, and again in their new building.

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