Monday, October 4, 2010

Let's Talk Rookies. Philly Rookies.

Well, this blog isn't called Random Prospect Phan in New York. Let's talk rookies.

Johan Backlund, G - Might have a chance at more than a period this year.
Played a few NHL minutes last year.

Sergei Bobrovsky, G - Looked great in the pre-season.
Great pre-season stats.

Marc-Andre Bourdon, D - Solid season in Adirondack last season.
Should be up in the next few years.

Ben Holmstrom, RW - He'll be called up for a few games this season.
He looked good, playin' in the pre-season with the big boys.

Jon Kalinski, C - Top-notch agitator, almost died last year when he was cut by a skate in L.A.
Strong chances at making team this year.

David Laliberte, RW - Scored in his each of his first two games, also assisted in the first game.
Shows a lot of potential.

Joonas Lehtivuori, D - Finnish defender, looks like 5th pair, which isn't bad considering Philly's depth.
The Finnish D-Man. Oh, yeah.

Luke Pither, C - 3rd in OHL points behind Hall and Seguin.
On the cover of CHL 11.

Mike Testwuide, RW - Played at Colorado College last year.
Scouts say he has what it takes.

Eric Wellwood, LW - 68 points in 65 OHL games last year.
Has the skill to be a third line role player.

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