Monday, October 18, 2010

If You've Watched The Flyers This Year...

You know a few things about this years team. Such as:

Scott Hartnell could shell out five bucks for a skate sharpening.
Get up you fool!

Nikolai Zherdev recently watched a Youtube video about the history of the Spin-O-Rama.
Third times the charm.

The refs aren't exactly Philly Phans.
20, two minutes for... Height.

They play more aggressive on the Penalty Kill than Even Strength, or Power Play for that matter.
We better be shorthanded or I'll miss.

James van Riemsdyk has apparently never heard of this Sophomore Jynx.
Soft what?

Sean O'Donnell reminds one of Moe Howard, and not just in attitude.
What are you crackin' wise.

If you haven't noticed these things, you obviously haven't seen a Flyers game this season.

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